July 10, 2017

As George mentioned in More about MOOR, I had been concerned about my skin for many years. I was always searching for that one product that was not only healthy for my skin, but provided rejuvenating and anti-aging benefits as well. I soon realized that no such product existed in the market. Soon after I met George, he became my skin beauty encyclopedia, and I began making my own concoctions in our kitchen. With his knowledge and ingredient coaching, our formulations not only worked wonderfully well, but became completely natural, organic, and Environmentally Friendly. So, after many versions, we are delighted to offer you the same fabulous creations that our friends and family have come to know and love. OurNATURALS CARE Collection is an assortment of creams, salves, and sprays made from all natural ingredients for whole body care, holistically designed to relax and rejuvenate mind and body. 

~ jenny

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