July 17, 2017

To me, cleaning is a necessary evil. Combine that with the toxic chemicals most commercial cleaning solutions contain and cleaning became a chore I seriously procrastinated on. Being that George suffers from eczema and other allergies and that we are both Eco-Conscious and value health, we knew only Environmentally Friendly cleaners belonged in our home. Unfortunately, they didn’t work so well and required more elbow grease than I wanted to give. So, we set out to make products for the home that were safe 
and actually worked. The result: our natural and organic HAUS COLLECTION that is an assortment of Environmentally Friendly house cleaners and linen sprays, designed to clean up after both pets and people, leaving your home fresh and healthier. 
Happy cleaning!
~ jenny

FREE: Alcohol - Synthetic Dyes - Synthetic Fragrances - Synthetic Detergents

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