Q. Are MOOR.ECO® products Hypoallergenic?

A. Before answering this question, we thought it best that you read the FDA's definition and history for "Hypoallergenic" Cosmetics.This question is asked a lot in the beauty and skin care industries and in many cases misrepresented. Did you know that a product labelled 'hypoallergenic' can still cause allergic reactions! The word 'Hypo' actually means less, meaning that any product labeled 'hypoallergenic' is less likely to cause an allergic reactions, not prevent them.

Now that you know the FDA's definition and Mosby's Medical Dictionary's definition, here's our answer. The ingredients in our MOOR.CARE products are approved for cosmetic use and the ingredients in our MOOR.HAUS products are baby-safe and pet-safe. In addition, our new formalizations are at least 90% natural and 80% organic.

However, even with all of above, it is always best to patch test any beauty or skin care product you intend to place on your skin, especially if you know you are Hypersensitivity and/or have sensitive skin.

If an allergic reaction is experienced:

  1. Immediately discontinue use and clean patch area with water

  2. Use an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to help ease inflammation

  3. Contact your doctor or dermatologist if allergic symptoms continue

  4. Please contact us at support@MOOR.ECO with any allergic reactions from our product so that we can make the appropriate changes 

Q. What are your exchange and return policy?

Refund Policy

Q. What are the expiry dates for MOOR.ECO® products?

All of our products have a shelf life of about 1 year from your date of purchase. Please feel free to email us at Support@MOOR.ECO for more specific information regarding the product(s) in question.

Q. Are any MOOR.ECO® products tested on animals?

A. We love animals, period! We work to promote a cruelty-free products and consciousness. Further, we test our products on family, friends and employees. Never on animals.

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